Every drop involves science

iDrip aspires to make the world a better place by consolidating AIoT technology, lifestyle, craftsmanship, and aesthetics to culminate in the best coffee aroma in the world.

Developing coffee culture with the spirit of sustainability

Making the world’s best taste affordable and accessible

以永續經營的精神 發展咖啡文化
Developing coffee culture with the spirit of sustainability
Revolutionizing traditional industries with technology, making the world’s best taste affordable and accessible
iDrip rigorously selects high-quality, specialty coffee beans conforming to SCA standards. Thanks to the lower caffeine content and quality assurance, the coffee is considered a healthier alternative. The proprietary coffee bag is more environmentally friendly than capsule coffee, in turn considerably reducing negative environmental impacts. iDrip strives to achieve the three-win situation for the economy, society, and the environment by applying the concept of global sustainability and circular economy.
Creating a coffee farmer, barista-friendly sales model, and ecosystem
Forming a profit-sharing platform from the perspective of fair trade
Supporting the producers to abide by labor and environmental laws from the perspective of fair trade and assisting local coffee growers. For instance, when iDrip became aware of the flood and debris flow disaster in Rwanda that decimated the country’s infrastructure and crops in May this year, as well as killing dozens of people, we sprang into action by purchasing coffee beans produced in the disaster regions to provide local small coffee growers with long-term financial support.

In pursuit of an extraordinary coffee experience

iDrip has collaborated with 21 world champion baristas from over 15 countries to create a coffee grower and consumer-friendly international coffee ecosystem. By precisely recreating every recipe including water temperature, water flow speed, pouring path, and brewing technique, we can present the exquisite flavors developed by every barista in the world to endow coffee connoisseurs with the most fantastic coffee experience.
iDrip founder John Yeh
John Yeh

The smartest coffee machine - A coffee machine that is always ahead of its time

Launching the 4th wave of coffee revolution with AIoT technology - Ongoing and sustainable update service

A coffee machine that is always ahead of its time
Launching the 4th wave of coffee revolution with AIoT technology - Ongoing and sustainable update service
iDrip is the world’s first OTA-enabled coffee machine that can update its firmware directly through the Internet to let you enjoy more new and diverse functions. Just like Tesla in the automotive industry and the iPhone in the smartphone industry, iDrip, the smartest coffee machine in the coffee industry, was revealed to the world. The coffee machine advances with technological development, offering you an immersive, scintillating coffee experience.
Most sophisticated team
Turning future vision into reality
Creating an all-round feast for the senses and exceptional lifestyle by integrating hardware, firmware, software, and coffee expertise.
We pursue excellence and strive to shape an exquisite experience. The team has integrated remarkable tech talents specializing in hardware, firmware, and software, as well as the astute senses of international professional baristas to consolidate cross-industry expertise and materialize the premium products and services.
Countless accolades - Coffee of choice for distinguished international brands
iDrip became an instant sensation when it was launched, garnering favorable impressions among consumers
Since the debut of the product, iDrip has generated positive reviews and received numerous major awards including Contemporary Good Design (CGD), Golden Pin Design Award, Taiwan Excellence Awards, and Digital Singularity Awards (DSA). Additionally, iDrip has become the product of choice of many international brands such as Lexus, Audi, Maserati, Porsche, and Estée Lauder.
coffee bean

Not every coffee bean has what it takes to become iDrip coffee

Only 1 out of 100 coffee beans will present the most authentic flavor and details

Not every coffee bean has what it takes to become iDrip coffee
Only 1 out of 100 coffee beans will present the most authentic flavor and details; the beans are selected through multiple stages and only specialty coffee-grade beans are chosen.
The unroasted beans undergo several stringent quality inspection processes including hand selection, sieve, and color sorter to eliminate defective beans. The 100% Arabica beans must pass laboratory testing to ensure zero pesticide residue. Only specialty coffee beans are used and no commercial beans are mixed with other beans. Furthermore, the coffee must endure nearly 100 cupping tests before it can be selected as the best coffee. The brewed coffee is personally inspected by the respective coffee champions to make sure impeccable quality.
Ascertaining the characteristics of unroasted beans to customize their roast profile through digitization
Customized roasting technique for each type of coffee beans, precise roasting control
Through chemical reactions occurring during the coffee bean roasting process including thermal degradation, Maillard reaction, and caramelization, different combinations of carbohydrates and acids will be produced. The roast profile and parameters developed by champion baristas are customized for each type of coffee bean based on their experience and expertise.
Coffee beans processed through diverse approaches are available
Coffee beans are meticulously processed by paying great attention to detail to offer consumers a variety of choices every morning
How the coffee beans are processed after harvesting has an enormous impact on the quality and flavor of the beans, and different characteristics will also be presented that can either form the essence of a good cup of coffee or adversely affect the quality of the beans. iDrip offers myriads of choices for the consumers such as washed, sundried, honey processed, to anaerobic fermentation-processed coffee beans.
Scientific recreation of the different baristas’ coffee brewing techniques
IoT-enabled smart chip stores pour-over recipes - Exclusive patented technology precisely presents the coffee’s flavors
Over 30 meticulously selected world champion coffee recipes are digitally stored, where iDrip’s patented nozzle can accurately present the water temperature, water flow speed, and pouring path of each coffee champion and barista.

Enjoying the most flavorsome specialty coffee from around the world in the comfort of your home

Faced with the unexpected global pandemic in 2020, iDrip hopes to convey a sense of happiness with peace of mind, where people can wake up every day to a decent cup of joe and befriend the world with coffee.