Miki Suzuki

Miki Suzuki

2016 Japan Barista Champion

Scanning through the history of WBC (World Barista Championship) in a decade, from the group of Japan baristas to the field of world's baristas, there is a name you will not miss, Miki Suzuki. As a three-time Japan Barista champion, Miki Suzuki can always secure her spot in top six places in world-class competitions in the following year after claiming her triumph in Japan. Her highest achievement is to win the second place in 2017 WBC and marked herself as a successful female barista.

Besides her outstanding performance, Miki Suzuki was seen as a huge inspiration to the succeeding female baristas for her remarkable records in the contests that full of male baristas. Miki Suzuki's heart-warming smile leaves the world an impression that a barista is more close to an industrial service occupation and this also fits the trending concept of customer experience orientation which leads the market these years.

Miki Suzuki’s first step of her coffee career started in a coffee shop in Yokohama city in Kanagawa, Japan. Even though she learned her knowledge of coffee in the city, Miki determined to advance her coffee skills in the country. In her words, “When stepping in the field of coffee, I did’t think too much but roughly thought that I’m going to make a living as a barista. If I want to learn the essential techniques of a barista, it would take years to complete the task. At some point, moving to the country is a way to escape from the temptations of city life and try to focus on learning.”

Maruyama Coffee in Karuizawa is the perfect place for Miki to pursue her dream. Maruyama Coffee has an esteemed reputation in the coffee industry for their knowledge and persistence in specialty coffee. When speaking of barista training, they also have a well-organized development course with strict requirements. Therefore, for those who work in Maruyama Coffee, this job not only helps them establish a good fundamental knowledge of being a professional barista, but also improves their ability by solid and systematic work experiences.

After wining the fifth place in 2010 WBC, Miki Suzuki claimed another victory by taking the fourth place in 2011 WBC. Behind all glorious achievements, Miki humbly went back to her daily work as a barista and also participated in training following baristas. And this is the reason why Hidenori Izaki, another famous barista from Maruyama Coffee who was inspired and learnt a lot from Miki Suzuki, won the 2014 WBC.

Although she kept saying she is a lucky person, from our understanding, Miki Suzuki is very diligent and hard-working. Her determination and persistence in coffee, plus the distinguish tasting ability, all of these features make Miki Suzuki become who she is today and unique compared to her peers, and eventually, she’s a shining star in world of coffee.

Our barista was fortunate to witness the moment when Miki Suzuki took the second place in 2017 WBC. She said she was happy to join the WBC stage again and she was very satisfied with her presentation. What’s different this time compared to her two previous experience of entering final was that she hoped to share her feeling and introduce her coffee to the world. She enjoyed the process of presenting the world what she can bring, and this is exactly the same thing she does in Maruyama Coffee.We are delighted to work with Miki Suzuki and provide you the coffee from her selection.

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