Tetsu Kasuya

Tetsu Kasuya

2016 World Brewers Cup Champion

A Brewer Career Started Because of One Disease—Tetsu Kasuya

Tetsu Kasuya, the champion of the 2016 World Brewers Cup(WBrC), did one thing different from other baristas: he started the career late in his life. He didn’t plunge all the way into the world of coffee until the age of 34. Before that, he was just an IT professional in Tokyo.

One day, this regular employee in the electronics company decided to stop enjoying the love of his life—cola when he found out himself suffering from diabetes, which opened up the opportunity for him to discover the beauty of coffee. So, he quit his job, and started his new career at Coffee Factory, a roastery/coffee shop, with Noriaki Furuhashi(古橋伯章), who was the cupper of Cup of Excellence(CoE). From this exact 30-year humble coffee shop came the winning beans that swept the stage of WBrC. Those days at the coffee shop had Tetsu Kasuya start to experience the essence of the whole coffee industry: the spirit of craftsmanship that is embodied in every step to achieving the beauty of a cup of coffee, from the planting and harvesting in the manor, to the roasting and brewing.

Influenced by the way he tackled his job back at the electronics company, Tetsu Kasuya was dedicated to the simplification of his brewing method also with numbers. In belief that everyone should be able to brew a nice cup of coffee, he created and at 2016 WBrC he performed “the 4:6 Method.” This innovatory method, founded on his own trials and errors, theorized that the desired coffee strength and taste could be achieved by adjusting the balance between water pours. Logical and easy to follow, the method caught on throughout the world after he won the championship. “Anyone can make delicious coffee” has remained Tetsu Kasuya’s philosophy for it will be a shame if beans are sold only to find people not savvy enough to use and enjoy them.

Tetsu Kasuya was ambitious when fighting for the championship in 2016, which easily left the impression of arrogance. When he speaks, people can be mistaken that he is slow for lack of English proficiency, despite the fact that he is a polite and humble person. With a grin he said, “with fame comes greater influence. And thus, one should be careful about words.”

In February 2018, as a co-founder, Tetsu Kasuya started the coffee shop “PHILOCOFFEA” in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, with Masami Kaji(梶真佐巳). The name is a portmanteau of “philosophy,” the English word for “Tetsu,” and “coffea,” the term for coffee tree.

World championship won’t be the final note of Tetsu Kasuya’s career. Instead, he is just getting started to “dive into” the great ocean of coffee.

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