Firmware update

How to check the coffee machine’s firmware version
Turn on the coffee machine, find 4. System Info in the menu and press [↲] to check the coffee machine’s current firmware version
Firmware update method
step1 1. Make sure the coffee machine is connected to Wi-Fi.
step2 2. Turn off the coffee machine.
step3 3. Press and hold the brew button [↲] on top of the coffee machine and turn on the coffee machine.
step6 4. The coffee machine screen displays Connecting Wi-Fi; when the coffee machine is connected to Wi-Fi, it will automatically begin firmware download.
step5 5. Firmware downloading (takes approximately 5 minutes). Normally, the firmware update process can be completed in about 5 minutes. If it takes longer than 20 minutes, please check the Wi-Fi’s Internet connection.
step6 6. After the update is completed, turn off the coffee machine and back on again to complete the firmware update.
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