Wi-Fi connection problem

How to verify if the coffee machine’s Wi-Fi is connected?
Connected: WiFi connected appears on the main and standby screen.
Disconnected: WiFi disconnected appears on the main and standby screen.
Must the coffee machine be connected to Wi-Fi every time I use it?
Since the iDrip coffee machine is an IoT-enabled product, an Internet connection is required to obtain the latest coffee bag/teabag parameters and connect with the app via the cloud, we advise that the coffee machine stays connected to enjoy an optimal user experience.
How do I connect the coffee machine to the Internet if I do not have Wi-Fi at home?
We advise you to turn on your smartphone’s mobile Wi-Fi hotspot so that your coffee machine may connect to the Internet and use another phone for coffee machine configuration.
Why am I unable to connect my coffee machine to the Wi-Fi at home?
iDrip coffee machine only supports Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and WEP & WPA/WPA2 encrypted network environment (services that require a browser for Wi-Fi verification are not applicable).
Unable to find the coffee machine’s Bluetooth signal
1. Check if Bluetooth on your smartphone is enabled.
2. Turn off the coffee machine and on again, and it will automatically activate Bluetooth.
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