Daily cleaning

Coffee machine cleaning method
*Exterior: Wipe the coffee machine’s exterior with a damp cloth, and you can use citric acid to clean the water tank.
*Water tank: We recommend cleaning the water tank every 1-3 months with citric acid (the cleaning cycle depends on the cleanliness of the water tank as well as the local water quality and usage frequency)
  1. Pour the citric acid into a cup and dissolve with 80-100°C hot water.
  2. Open the lid of the water tank and pour the citric acid solution into the water tank.
  3. Close the water tank lid, remove the power cord and wait for 2 hours.
  4. Use the menu’s Water Drain function to drain the citric acid solution from the water tank.
  5. Add 700ml of clear water to the empty water tank (80-100°C hot water) and drain the water from the water tank to remove the sour citric acid scent. Repeat the process if there is a residual sour odor.
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